Our Process

  • Discovery

    Twin Peaks's client relationships begin with us learning about your financial situation and your goals, both personal and financial.

    We also discuss your attitude toward risk and the time horizon for your goals. During the discovery process we also explain basic matters such as:

    • What we do
    • How we’re paid
    • What our responsibilities—and yours—will be
  • Design

    We analyze and evaluate your situation and decide on the best course to achieve your financial goals.

    Once we’ve identified our recommendations for you, we’ll meet with you in order to:

    • Explain our recommendations in detail
    • Listen to any concerns you may have
    • Explain how we will fine-tune our approach as conditions change
  • Implementation

    The next phase of our service begins with implementation of our recommendations. Depending on the particular recommendation and your situation, that may involve:

    • Twin Peaks implementing investment recommendations for you
    • Twin Peaks helping you implement investment recommendations 
    • Twin Peaks coordinating implementation of insurance or estate planning recommendations with our partners (such as attorneys, CPAs, or insurance agents ) our yours
  • Monitor & Review

    For Wealth Management Clients, we actively and continually monitor your progress toward your goals. We emphasize the flexibility to adjust your plan as necessary based on changes in:

    • Your goals
    • Your personal situation
    • Market conditions
    • Economic conditions